- A Quick Word

This Start Page is intended for Browsers which support frames and Java. Some of the features are specific to IE 3.00 or above but should not create conflict with Netscape.

You might disagree with the choice of destinations offered here but understand that it is only to start you off. Change, edit, cut and paste, have fun.

Why have a start page? Well, this is a convenient visual way of starting a surfing session. Everything is at your finger tips and it loads from your hard disk, fast and no waiting.

If you want to display another file than this one upon startup refer to changing the first page later in this file.

WARNING: some sites prevent you from viewing their pages through "other people's frames", you will probably loose these frames when you visit one of them, but it is allright, after all this is only suppose to be a starting page. If you want to keep the convenience of access to all those destinations at all times please EMail me. I am working on something which does just that, I will notify you when it is ready.

- How to navigate

The screen is divided in four sections (frames). The top one provides a quick way to the most common sites in each category. Try clicking on NEWS and see what happens to the left frame. You now have access to the different news services. Click on any of the logos... The central frame is the "viewer", where your selection will appear. The bottom frame provides quick access to some fun sites which do not fall under the top frame categories.

- How to customize your start page

If you are using one of the major word processors just open the file you want to modify and make your changes. Do not forget to save it in the same location and under the same name.

If you do not use a word processor capable of reading HTML you will need to learn just a few things and using a simple editor such as notepad.exe you will be able to do your own editing. Click on the HTML Help button at the bottom of the screen to start learning about HTML. HINT: to add a logo and destination you just have to understand 2 tags <Image> and <A>.

- Your Start Page Files

As stated above your start page is composed of four sections. Each section corresponds to one or more files. Here is a list of the files you will find in the directory of your Start Page and what there purpose is. You can refer to this list to find out which file to edit to add or delete some destinations.

This is the file which defines the frames
Displayed in the top frame to select quick accesses
List of search engines
List of news services
List of newspapers around the world
List of the most popular game sites
List of kids places around the web
Used to reduild or display myfavorites.htm
List of weather sites
This file, showing on start-up
Displayed in the bottom frame, provides fast access to help and fun places
Displayed in response to the HTML Help button
Image files
Program which builds myfavorites.htm
Short cut used to launch URLReader.exe

- Changing The First Page

Understandably you might want to display a different page at startup. Personally I display the page of my ISP. It provides me with local links. Follow these instructions:

The fastest and easiest is using Notepad. Launch Notepad, under the File Menu choose Open. Under File Of Types choose All Files. Navigate to the directory where you installed your start page and locate the file stpage.htm, open it. Under the Search Menu choose Find. Type in "first.htm" , no quotes necessary. Click Find Next and close the find window. The file name first.htm should appear selected, simply type in the new address(destination, filename, URL, etc) you want to display ie: http://www.myisp.com/main.html . Save the file and you are done. Happy Surfing!!